8/20: Well. I think now is as good a time as ever to switch on over to first person storytelling here, don't you? I have been keeping busy since March - outside of acting I'm a track and field coach, and since losing my day job as a personal financial coach I've been glad to help out my fellow actors and creatives through free workshops with Save My Audition and Motivated Movers. I just took a class with Pat Goodwin from Telsey, and isn't he just the nicest person in the world? Very valuable feedback as well. The generosity of our community is incredible, and I've definitely benefitted from the plethora of free classes during this time to continue working on my craft. I'm still in NYC and available for whatever work there is, and very much looking forward to when we can all see each other in person again. If you're reading this and I can help you in any way - let me know.
3/20: Jacqueline is relishing playing the mean girl in rehearsals for Unmarried Man, a full length play parodying The Bachelor. While she's never personally watched The Bachelor prior to this, she's getting quite the education now on 'being there for the right reasons'. The play is by Emmy Kuperschmid and Alice Nora and directed by Emilie Jensen, all of whom are lovely to work with!
2/20: Apartment 4106 Productions has booked Jacqueline is a lead role for their upcoming short film 'The Road Trip'. She really clicked with the creative team in the audition room and is excited to start working on such a great role this summer. 
2/20: Jacqueline will be reuniting with Matt Ott and JW Guido to film more shorts in the vein of the film that won Jacqueline Best Actress at the Sparrow Film Project. She is excited to work with these great talents again!
1/20: Good Morning New York opens on Jan 11th at The Players Theater! You have 5 weekends to come see the show - it runs through February 9th. Get tickets at
10/19: The second of Jen Fellman's shows at 54 Below went wonderfully. Jacqueline enjoyed sharing the stage with such a lovely performer and person. 
10/19: Good Morning New York is performing at 54 Below on October 4th to celebrate the album release of the songs from the show. You can hear the songs on Spotify or iTunes - Jacqueline sings on 'Staten Island Ferry'. 
9/19: Jen Fellman has invited Jacqueline to perform Happiness from Sondheim's 'Passion' at two performances of her solo show at 54 Below. Catch her on September 21st or October 19th!
9/19: Good Morning New York is moving to The Players Theatre for a second run in winter 2020 and Jacqueline is returning with it! Her role has been expanded and she looks forward to the new challenge!
7/19: Catch Jacqueline at 'On the Spot' at the Broadway Comedy Club on July 1st!
6/19: Jacqueline enjoyed taking a 4 week TV/Film class at The Grove with Danny George. She highly recommends the Growing Studio or The Grove to continue growing your skills!
12/18: Jacqueline won BEST ACTRESS at the Sparrow Film Project! It was an amazing experience and Jacqueline is thrilled to have been a part of it. Check out some photos from the event under the Headshots/Photos section.   
12/18: Annie opened and Jacqueline is having a great time working with such a fun cast!
11/18: Jacqueline is cast as Grace Farrell in Annie with Plaza Theatrical Productions! She is looking forward to playing a role she has sought after for some time. 
11/18: Jacqueline has been nominated for BEST ACTRESS in the Sparrow Film Project - a competition with over 100 films!
9/18: Jacqueline has been cast in a short film in American Sign Language for the Sparrow Film Project with director Matt Ott and co-star JW Guido. Filming on the subway at night had it's challenges, but she had a lot of fun working with the two of them!
8/18: Performances of 'Good Morning New York' continued at the Hudson Guild Theater as part of the Summerfest New York Theater Festival. Jacqueline had a wonderful experience with whole team!
7/18: One audience member had this to say about Jacqueline's performance in 'Good Morning New York': "'They Dim The Lights' brings tears of laughter, with the hilarious Lucien Coppola and show MVP Jacqueline Keeley (who plays three roles in addition to choreographing!) dishing out a dramatic dive bar dance routine. Can't recommend it highly enough!" - Jake Winstrom, FOX News
7/18: Jacqueline discovered Jamie Salmon's ballet class at BDC and holy hell was it awesome. Go take from her!!
7/18: 'Good Morning New York' has opened at the PIT Loft and it is a whole lot of fun packed into an hour and a half. Make sure to get your tickets on TodayTix, as most shows are selling out!
6/18: Jacqueline made her 54 Below debut on June 22nd and is still riding high from performing at such a storied
6/18: The lovely Courtney Liu (currently performing in Phantom on Broadway) taught a 4 week ballet workshop with Motivated Movers and Jacqueline had an amazing time learning from such a talented, kind soul. 
6/18: Rehearsals are underway for 'Good Morning New York' and Jacqueline is having a blast! 
5/18: May has been spent getting ready with the producer and director to start rehearsals for 'Good Morning New York', opening in July at the PIT Loft and also at the Hudson Guild Theater as part of the NY Theater Festival SummerFest. It's been exciting and eye opening to work as part of the creative team. 
4/18: Jacqueline has booked the role of Traffic Reporters 1 and 2, as well as a dance feature as 'Baby Boo' in the new musical 'Good Morning New York', opening later this summer in NYC. She will also be making her debut as a choreographer!
4/18: Jacqueline had a blast taking class with Billy Bustamante and Motivated Movers!
3/18: David Brunetti's class this month was once again a joy to be in. Everyone in NYC should get themselves into class with this fantastic teacher!
3/18: Jacqueline has been working hard in acting, voice, and dance classes improving her craft. It's been paying off with multiple callbacks this audition season!
2/18: Jacqueline is continuing tap classes and having a fantastic time. Look out for her at your next dance call!
1/18: Jacqueline worked as a reader for the "I Was Most Alive With You" auditions with Playwrights Horizons. It was incredible and inspiring seeing such talented actors. 
10/17: Motivated Movers had a Tap Fundamentals workshop, and it turns out Jacqueline is a natural tapper. She is very excited about all of the new opportunities this opens up!
10/17: Jacqueline participated in Andrew Byrne's "Singing Athlete" workshop and it has changed her life. If you've heard her sing for you before, you need to hear her again now - his techniques are incredible and have sparked not just singing improvements but her interest in Z-Health and how she can implement it in her work as a personal track and field trainer. 
10/17: Jacqueline was asked to take part in the reading of a new musical "Retail Song Cycle" with book and music by Cameron Fehring. As a weathered veteran of retail, Jacqueline was stoked to take on this role and work through some of that trauma =).
9/17: Jacqueline is taking dance classes with Motivated Movers and having a fabulous time. She highly recommends all singers who dance to get their butt in class with them!
8/17: After the success of the first performance in July, "One Nation, One Mission, One Promise" had a fantastic sold out second performance. Working with this team was a great opportunity. 
7/17: The first performance of "One Nation, One Mission, One Promise" was sold out and very well received. Get your tickets for the next (and last!) performance on August 17th here!
7/17: Get your tickets to the first performance of "One Nation, One Mission, One Promise" on July 8th here. 
6/17: Broadway World did a write up on "One Nation, One Mission, One Promise"! 
6/17: Jacqueline booked the role of "Soul" in a new play in development, "One Nation, One Mission, One Promise" at The Players Theater in July and August. She is having a wonderful time working with Artist in Residence, writer and director Victoria Medina!
6/17: Jacqueline was delighted to work with Micah Joel for the third time on the presentation of his musical "Me & Violet Brooks".
4/17: Jacqueline was invited to record some demo tracks for "Press Your Luck: The Big Bucks Scandal", a new musical written by Brandon Sturiale that had it's 29 hour Equity reading recently.
3/17: Jacqueline has been killing it in voice lessons with Eddie Schnecker. 
3/17: "Jackie" is complete - keep an eye on the Reels section for footage!
1/17: Filming wrapped on "Jackie", and Jacqueline had a wonderful time with director Melik Kuru!
12/16: Jacqueline was cast in the title role of the short film "Jackie", the story of a child actor struggling to re-enter show business as an adult. 
11/16: Jacqueline was thrilled to play Geri in the first private reading of "Press Your Luck", a new musical by Brandon Sturiale. 
11/15: Jacqueline's short film "The Dress" has been selected as a finalist in Hispasat 4K International Film Festival and will be broadcast on television in Spain!
9/15: See two new commercials starring Jacqueline under the Reels tab!
8/15: A quote from a glowing review of Jacqueline's portrayal of Gloria in Boeing Boeing: "Ms. Keeley captures the outgoing optimism and brash confidence of Gloria, who asserts women are always the boss, giving orders to compliant men."
7/15: Take a look under the Reels tab for highlights from Jacqueline's performance in I Love You Because.
7/15: "The Dress" shoot has wrapped and Jacqueline had a great time working with director Max Weissberg! Be notified of updates at the Facebook page here.
6/15: Jacqueline booked the role of Gloria in Boeing Boeing, going up at Circa 21 Playhouse later this summer. 
6/15: Jacqueline booked the short film "The Dress" and is so excited to work with award winning director Max Weissberg this July.  
6/15: Darylynn of Darylynn Eyewear invited Jacqueline to model her new line. Keep an eye out for these shots in the near future!
5/15: I Love You Because had a great run with many sold out shows and closed on May 10th.  
4/15: Jacqueline had the amazing opportunity to work with directors Cary Murnion and Jon Milott on the demo for the new feature The Babysitter. 
4/15: Jacqueline is so excited to work with Micah Joel and Laura Lancaster again on the 4x15 presentation of Drella at the Musical Theater Factory! Get your tickets here:
3/15: Look for Jacqueline at the Gene Frankel Theater in May as Diana in I Love You Because! Get your tickets here:
2/15: Jacqueline booked the upcoming musical webseries "In Retrospect" playing Rita, one of the two leads. Keep an eye out for upcoming promotional pictures and clips!
12/14: Jacqueline is thrilled to have signed on with Broadway Alley as her commercial and print agency!
11/14: Jacqueline had the wonderful opportunity to work in the studio with the talented songwriting team Micah Joel and Laura Lancaster recording demo tracks for their new musical "Drella". 
10/14: It was a very cold rainy night, but Jacqueline persevered through an overnight shoot on the track for a commerical for Denso. See some behind the scenes pictures under the Headshots tab.
9/14: "My Crazy Love", a new series on Oxygen, featured Jacqueline as the perfect Upper East Side girlfriend.  
8/14: Jacqueline showed off her modeling skills shooting an ad for H&M and was seen on the huge screens in Times Square!
7/14: In a return to the location of the Harpoon shoot, all kinds of summer fun was had shooting an ad for Migis Lodge in Maine - it turns out Jacqueline can waterski with the best of them!
6/14: Jacqueline had a fun day shooting a commercial for Durex under the direction of Zachary Borst.
2/14: Sailor Rose, a boutique for handsewn clothing in SoHo asked Jacqueline to model some of their new items. See one of them here.
1/14: Jacqueline filmed an ad for Sundown Naturals vitamins. Check it out on the Reels page!
1/14: Howcast invited Jacqueline back to film another how-to series, this time featuring Macs!
12/13: The season was right for a new episode of the hit webseries "Bros". Jacqueline had fun doing some improv with the guys in their latest episode "Santa Conned". Check out the episode hereJacqueline's scene starts here.
11/13: Zandrak Productions brought Jacqueline on for a commercial for Harpoon Brewery. She had a wonderful time working with them!
11/13: Howcast used Jacqueline's training as an Apple Technician and brought her on to film a series of iPhone how-tos.
10/13: Jacqueline had a great time filming "Two Years" with House of Dolls Production Company.
6/13: Jacqueline busted out her improv skills for "The Rotation", a short film where she played a woman with a few screws loose - check out a scene from this shoot in the first scene of her acting reel!
6/13: In "Lily", a short film about a deaf woman connecting with the world around her, Jacqueline was able to use her skills as an American Sign Language Interpreter to play Gwen.